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Izida Palace About the project

Complex «Izida Palace» is unique with its architecture,aristocratic spirit, high quality and excellent conditions for relax and leisure.

«Izida Palace» consists of three entrances  A, B and C, with different typies of apartments - studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and maisonette with big terraces and an amazing view. The floor plans of the apartments in «Izida Palace» are designed with the only aim-to satisfy the clients` necessities.

Designed by highly experienced Bulgarian architects, the complex possesses an impressive aristocratic vision, which reminds of the beautiful buildings in the European capitals, Monaco and Cannes.

Indeed, «Izida Palace» is a unique place on Bulgarian coastline! The indoor swimming pool, the SPA center, the reception desk and all amenities which «Izida Palace» offers are completely enough for all owners to use the complex all - the - year - round.

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